Friday, December 31, 2010

Week 11: 209lbs

After not weighing in or following any particular diet for 3 weeks I was pretty nervous about hopping on Wii Fit. I was pretty sure I'd put on 3lbs but no, I lost 1.8lbs since my last weigh in. Yay!

It's made me realise how much more weight I could have lost if I'd eaten better instead of having a couple of Lindt truffles a day or a little serving of dessert. I didn't completely over indulge but I could have eaten healthier and smaller portions. I went into the Christmas season thinking, "It's Christmas, I can put on some weight" but I didn't, I lost a little. I'm feeling particularly encouraged for the New Year now!

At the moment I'm a few pounds lighter than Stuart's heaviest weight since beginning this journey and today Stuart dipped out of the "overweight" section and into the "normal" weight section of Wii Fit. I'm about half way to being "overweight" instead of obese. It feels SO good to be under 210! We're both feeling encouraged and excited to keep this goal going! Pats on the back all round in the Adams household.