Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What 1470 calories look like.

I was curious how much junk I could eat in a day and call it good ie. keep within my 1470 allotted daily intake. I wasn't terribly surprised but seeing it set out was pretty amazing to me.
My old weakness was Cheez Its and I could easily eat a box a day (but only ever ate a half, really) on top of my other meals, thinking "they're baked! they're healthier!" Wanna see how many cheez its would make up MORE than my 1470 recommended caloric intake?

Evil things! One box of Cheez It's is more than Stuart's recommended intake too and I could seriously eat a whole box and then eat my hand I'd fed myself with right afterwards. I don't eat those foods anymore because I have to be supervised whilst nomming. Here's the healthy 1470 calorie option to counter it with 3 peanut butter cups for dessert of course :)

I have been more aware of what I'm eating and don't care to waste calories like I used to. I want to feel full and not go to bed hungry, I also want my digestive system to work properly and have the ability to snack and feel satisfied if I want to. It's obvious that generally the less processed the food, the more you can eat and I think that's pretty amazing.

Celebrating awkwardness.

As I'm so close to having lost a full 50lbs I thought it was a fun (?) tribute to those lost pounds to showcase some of them in their fullest, because I never want to see them again. This is their farewell party but without the cake and icecream.

It would seem that 2008 was a year full of awkward, squishiness for me. These are pics I never showed anyone, although anyone looking at me then saw it in action... I actually remember not wanting to have my picture taken every now and again that year because I felt blech, can you tell in these?
That's a Stronach face right there.
it has fruit in it!
2 sets of boobs? whaaat? lucky me.

Not all the pictures of me are so bulgy but when I'd catch a glimpse of ones like these they did on some level effect me, even though I never really had a negative body image. I don't equate thin with beauty, never have, never will but I missed out on a lot of fun because I couldn't keep up. And what's more beautiful that someone having fun and feeling truly happy? Skinnier folk have the lungs for that and their bums don't get stuck in carnival ride seats (mine never has either, I was just going for some dramatic imagery there ;) I'm not embarrassed by how I looked before because I actually was happy that way, I just know I'd regret it if I didn't do this right now, at this stage in my life while I can.

Now that I've lost weight I realise the time I wasted in doing this and really wish I'd done it a long time ago - high school long ago. It'd be less hard work now! I feel better, I sleep better, my lungs function! I'm generally more motivated and I'm really fascinated by the changes in my body. You better believe I've been celebrating every single ounce and pound I lose and challenging myself to be better the next day or to just keep it going. It's actually fun for me! This isn't really about being thin for me. It's about motivation and feeling fulfilled. It's also about being able to play with my baby without getting puffed out and not having to worry as much about having a heart attack when I'm 50.

I set goal weights every so often so I can evaluate where I'm heading and not get obsessed with the numbers. I can see how easy that would be. I started at 226 and always thought 170 would be my first big goal - getting under 200 was a struggle so that became my big one. Now 170 is it and I don't expect to lose any more than 20lbs after that. At this rate I could be there by summer!