Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I got married and came to America in 2004. The first time I was able to go home again was in August of 2007 when two of my sisters were getting hitched (not to each other!)

Today as I was unpacking I came across the outfit I wore to Emma's wedding. I'm not sure if there are any more pictures of me from that day - I don't think I even have a picture with the bride but here's the then and now in that outfit.

I remember the skirt being too tight and having to pull it right up to under my chest to zip it up and sitting down in it was always a bit exciting because I could hear the stitches creaking under the strain. I also had to suck in and hold my breath for longer than I should have to clip up the eye and hooks of the top. Today it all just slipped right on! I never even knew the skirt was meant to be that length!

Yesterday I hit my first actual goal (and not hurdle) of 170lbs. That's 4 full stone lost, 56lbs.