Sunday, January 20, 2013

FitBit Zip

Have you heard that the recommended daily step allowance for good health is 10,000? You can read a little more about that here.

I actually had no idea there was a recommended number of steps and I had no idea that I wasn't hitting close to it in the slightest until this past week - although I would have guessed otherwise. Surprise! On days that I don't get out for a walk I feel like I've been running around all day after the baby. That's actually normally the reason I give myself for not going out for a walk. 10,000 steps doesn't seem like that much but today, being Sunday I was chilling more than on exercise days and I only got about 2800 steps in before jogging a bit - that was with a 15 minute walk too.

I got a gift card for Christmas that was burning a whole in my pocket. There's a few things I've been weighing up in investing in - a pair of trainers for this Spring when the snow clears up, a bike (and trailer for the baby), a heart rate monitor. All health investments. I discovered a little gadget a while ago called the FitBit that I've been keeping my eye on and wanting pretty badly. My friend, Melinda got a FitBit One and has had a bit of spring in her step since she began using it. I needed a spring in my step too!

I bought a FitBit Zip from
- It was easy to set up and sync with my iphone and straight out the box
- It clips securely to the inside of your garment
- You tap the little screen quite firmly to navigate between time, steps, calories burned, and distance traveled

When you hit 5000 steps you're notified of your first badge earned, from there you can earn 10,000, 15,000 etc. Badges to also be earned are for the first 50 miles traveled using an accumulation of your steps over time (since Tuesday afternoon I've walked 19.5 miles)

It's fun for motivation. Your web profile has a whole array of graphs and charts full of measurements to show you things like when you're most active in the day, how many minutes of your day you spend sedentary, lightly active, fairly active, very active, your water intake, calories in and out etc. I love stuff like that!

I've had it less than a week but would recommend it to anyone looking to freshen up their exercise routine. It's a nifty wee thing. Plus, you can connect with friends on there too and keep an eye on them ;)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

I'm on the wagon again after gaining a few cosy pounds over Halloween/Thanksgiving/my birthday/Autumn's birthday/Christmas/New Year. They've shown me how this smaller body gains and it's a lesson I needed to learn.

I'm back into my comfy size 12 jeans right now and am probably just skimming into a size Large in tshirts from the large Medium I was. I have a pair of target jeans (actually from Target but also a target size ;) that I'm working towards and confident I'll be in them by the summer.

My weight loss group on facebook is in full swing and I'm looking forwards to seeing everyone losing!