Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cupid's Birthday 2011-2013

We have a tradition which is now officially "established" to take family pictures the week of Valentine's wearing the same outfits. I don't know for sure how we decided to do that but I love that we did and that Autumn plays along now too. We had no idea in 2010 when we did our first pictures that we would have a baby the next year/ever.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


It finally happened, the moment I've been waiting and hoping for. I never knew how it would happen and couldn't really fathom what it would feel like but it's here, right this minute...

I was looking through some photos for my oldest brother, Scott who has lost 112lbs in the last few months through good old diet and exercise, just like me. I love a good before and during set of pics and he's quite enjoying them too. Whilst flicking through the years, 2003 and onward I look the same but for some reason I always think of 2010 being my worst year. I see my face, my face, my face, mischief, adventures, years of fun. Then I don't recognise myself anymore. Me at my little sister's wedding. It's me but it's not me.

I finally see myself differently. I do not look the same! It's exciting. I feel like I've just lost all that weight all over again.

I'm ready to finish this.