Saturday, September 7, 2013

I don't need your voodoo!

Although I'm uppsies from last summer it's still motivating to look at my before + now pic, because even though I'm up I am certainly not back at the start. 
Realising what just one pound of fat looks like puts into perspective what an accomplishment losing one freaking ounce is. It's easy lose motivation due to a skewed perspective. Keep going! Keep your eye on your goal. Your hard work WILL pay off!

For some reason people always want to recommend pills, powders and potions to me when they hear I've lost 40+ pounds. I've lost this weight without pills, powders or potions. You do not need to spend money to lose weight. I honestly feel like deciding to lose weight is viewed as vulnerable, and then you become a target for money grabbers. I'm losing weight and I certainly am not vulnerable. I've never felt stronger! Make changes for the long run and you don't need wraps, multi level marking processed meals etc. No thanks, I've got this under control!

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  1. I was exactly this weight a week ago and after Eating a balanced diet of around 50-70 % of my rda I have dropped 6lbs in 5 days.... so chuffed no pills wraps or special exercise machines... in fact at the moment I am not excerising other than walking my boys to n from nursery ...:)